Pressure Washing Services

Power washing is an efficient way to remove dirt, mold, and grime from various external surfaces in your home as well as cleaning construction projects to get them ready for a new finish. Whether for periodic cleaning to make your home stand out and show it’s true beauty or to prepare a surface for a new finish, our power washing services in Southwest Houston can save you time and effort on many maintenance projects.

What part of town you’re at, the height and size of your home, the difficulty to access power wash your building, and type of surface to clean will influence prices for power washing. Since some applications may require special cleaning solutions, special equipment, special care, or extra time. We can explain how the location and type of surface you have affects cost.

Your Building’s Height

The number of floors you require us to clean in a building affects the cost to clean it since accessing higher levels requires the use of specialized equipment such as staging, a lift, or special safety and access equipment.

Surface Material

The characteristics of different surface materials may require special supplies or techniques which can result in varied pricing. You have concrete, brick, or pavers. Some more delicate surfaces include exposed aggregate, flagstone, slate, and wood surfaces. There are also metallic surfaces like patio furniture and even construction machinery. Each type of surface should be cleaned according to its maker instructions as using the wrong type of pressure washing methods could harm the surface.

Size of Your Building

While the type of surface and height of your building are important in determining the requirements for a pressure washing job, the overall size of the surface is almost always the basis for pricing the project.

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