Want to Save Thousands?

This option is not for everyone but if you have the money, the savings just make sense.

Some customers like to pay in advance for a year of cleaning and save thousands of dollars each year. 

An initial clean is $320.

If you select biweekly cleaning, you get a 10% discount.

For example, biweekly cleaning would be $162 every other week and a $320 initial cleaning. Initial cleaning plus the 25 cleanings left in the year, would be $4,370.

However, if you choose to pay in advance, you would get an extra 10% off ($437) plus the initial cleaning at recurring cleaning price. Getting the total you pay to $3,790.

With your Free upgrade for the first time cleaning, you save an extra $162. Giving you a total savings of $601.20.

The savings are even bigger if you have a bigger house or if the frequency changes to every week. Saving you potentially more that a thousand dollars each year.

If you’re interested in paying in advance for the whole year, call us and let us know. 

Save when you pay for a full year of cleaning in advance