Want to Save Thousands?

Save when you pay for a full year of cleaning in advance

This option is not for everyone but if you have the money, the savings just make sense.

Some customers like to pay in advance for a year of cleaning and save thousands of dollars each year. 

Let’s say for example your initial clean is $320.

If you are interested in biweekly cleaning, then the price ofr biweekly is $172 (for this example only).

Initial cleaning plus the 25 cleanings left in the year, would be $4,660.

However, if you choose to pay in advance, you would get an extra 10% off ($466) plus the initial cleaning at recurring cleaning price. Getting the total you pay to $4,194.

With your free upgrade for the first time cleaning, you save an extra $162. Giving you a total savings of $628.

The savings are even bigger if you have a bigger house or if the frequency changes to every week. Saving you potentially more that a thousand dollars each year.

If you’re interested in paying in advance for the whole year, call us and let us know.