Our Cleaning Services in Houston TX

Our cleaning company is dedicated to helping people have the cleanest home possible. We offer house, apartment, office, industrial, commercial, airbnb, windows, and post construction cleaning.

We offer a variety of cleaning services in Houston TX and surrounding cities.

No matter your cleaning services needs, we are here to help you. Here is a list of our most popular cleaning services in Houston TX and surrounding areas.

Below you will find all the services we provide and a brief description about the service. Once you find what you are looking for, simply click on the link and it will take you to that specific service page so you can learn more.

Initial Cleaning (Deep Cleaning)

If this is the first time we clean for you, you have to select this option in the extras section of the booking form.

This type of cleaning is very labor intensive and it takes longer than a regular cleaning because we clean everything except the oven and refrigerator. However, you can add those services on the booking form if you’re interested in them.

Move Out Cleaning

Choose this option if you have moved out of your apartment or your house.

We will clean every inch of your home, including oven and refrigerator. Windows are extra.

Move In Cleaning

It’s a good idea to sanitize your home before you move into it.

We will clean every inch of your new home, including oven and refrigerator. Windows are extra.

Existing/Recurring Cleaning

This option is only good if you are a regular client and get your house cleaned by us at least once a month.

If more than one month goes by before you book again, you will have to select deep cleaning from the form extras.

In this type of cleaning, we maintain your house in the best shape possible.

Window Cleaning

If you need your windows cleaned, this is the option to pick.

Office Cleaning

Offices are quoted a little different. It often depends on the size of the building, frequency, and the scope of the work needed. Call us to let us know more about your needs.

Airbnb Cleaning

With the introduction of Airbnb, regular people need their property cleaned before, after, or during a client’s stay. Call our office to let us know about your needs.

Post Construction Cleaning (PPC)

This type of cleaning service can be tricky to quote. It depends on the things you need cleaned in your property, the number of cleanings, if you need windows cleaned, etc. Call us and we will gladly talk to you about what we offer and to learn more about your needs.

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