Important Policies



A healthy home is a clean home! Cleaning Maids Houston is your total cleaning solution for creating and maintaining a clean and healthy environment! Because we love what we do, we go out of our way to make every customer feel special! We are committed to exceeding our customers’ cleaning needs and expectations.

You have enough to do. Let Cleaning Maids Houston handle all your cleaning needs. We are AT YOUR SERVICE!


We at Cleaning Maids Houston strive to offer our clients the best value on the dollar for cleaning
services provided in comparison to our competitors. To offer our staff above average pay, we have
implemented the following policies and procedures and ask that each client reviews and respects our
company policies and procedures as stated below.


We try to be as accommodating as possible to our clients. However, unlike other industries such as retail, hairdressers, etc., the cleaning industry does not have the luxury of walk-in customers to supplement our schedules when a client cancels without adequate notification. When we schedule your cleaning job, we reserve that space/time specifically for you. Our staff’s livelihood and salary depend upon scheduled jobs. Keeping cancellations to a minimum is vital to independent businesses and maintaining adequate staffing needs for jobs scheduled daily.

If you can’t keep the date and time scheduled for your cleaning services, you may reschedule, skip, add, or cancel an appointment. However, we do require a 24-hour advance notice on business days (M-F, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled cleaning, we will waive the cancellation fee. If you cancel for any reason less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, it will be necessary for us to charge 50% of the price of your cleaning job that will automatically be billed to the credit/debit card on file.

All cancellations must be made through the Office Manager and/or Owner of the company by calling (281) 864-0924. Cancellation fees must be paid in full prior to rescheduling further cleaning services. Thank you for


We require a credit/debit card number on file to use in the event you forget to make payment on the scheduled cleaning day. You will be sent a request to provide your credit/debit card number information at the time of the booking. If we do not have a credit/debit card number on file the day before your cleaning, we will contact you to get the number. If we do not have a credit/debit card on file by the end of the business day, your cleaning appointment will be cancelled.



For your convenience, Cleaning Maid Houston gladly accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Customers will be expected to pay for cleanings on the same day services are performed.
A $20.00 non-payment fee will be incurred if payment is not made on the scheduled service day. A $25.00 fee is applied to all returned checks/debit or credit card transactions. If you use a credit/debit card, your account will be charged the balance due.


Cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service. However, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with Cleaning Maids Houston. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed. While we do not offer refunds on services that have been provided, we will return to re-clean any areas of concern that are reported to
us within 48 hours of the cleaning date.


Cleaning Maids Houston does not require tipping, but it is a powerful way to say thank you to your service provider(s). Your appreciation need not be monetary. A personal note, gift card, etc. in expressing your appreciation for their services can mean a great deal.


Before the cleaning team arrives to deep clean your home, it is best to take steps to ensure that the areas you want cleaned are ready and accessible. This includes picking up items off the floors, removing excessive trash, clearing clutter from countertops, and washing any dirty dishes you have in the sink.

This frees up the cleaners to focus on the actual cleaning.

To respect the time slots of our other clients, we will no longer routinely conduct the task of excessive trash/clutter removal and/or washing dirty dishes. You may request these “special services” in advance at the time we book your house cleaning job. Excessive trash, clutter, or dishwashing will be charged an additional $45 fee due on the same cleaning date.

If you do not to adhere to this policy, after the initial warning, you will be charged an extra hour due at the time payment is processed. Failure to comply, thereafter, will result in removing you from our clientele schedule.


We service homes between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

Due to flexible ever-changing scheduling and Houston area traffic, we are unable to commit to exact arrival times. Therefore, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ARRIVAL TIMES TO ANYONE EXCEPT OUR 9 AM CLIENTS.

If you need an approximate time of arrival, please call (281) 864-0924 after 8:30 AM the day of your cleaning for an estimated time of arrival based on that day’s workload.

We will make every attempt to pin our arrival time estimate down to a one-hour window of time based on that day’s workload. However, many things can affect our schedules, such as cancellations, lockouts or customers adding services. We can give arrival windows of about 4 hours, such as 9 AM -1:00 PM OR 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

We politely solicit your cooperation in not calling or texting after 5PM to allow us uninterrupted time with our families. We appreciate your business and thank you in advance for understanding our request.  

Changes of Days, Times, and Frequencies

We respect you and value your time. Therefore, when you select an available slot in our schedule, we will respect that time and date and show up on time every time. However, out of respect for our other clients, we must honor their time slots as well.

If you are on a biweekly schedule and you cancel and/or reschedule your cleaning date, you will be billed at the three-week schedule tier which is a higher rate. If we are unable to accommodate your request because a new slot is unavailable, we will come back at your regularly scheduled date.

The same policy applies for monthly clients who frequently fluctuates between monthly and bimonthly cleaning schedules. The reason for the fluctuation in a higher cleaning rate is that maintenance cleaning will amass to deep cleaning—the more the accumulation of dirt, the more time it will take to clean your

If you have arranged for a set cleaning date and time, we ask that you keep any frequent changes to your set schedule to a minimum. It is just not sustainable for us to try to accommodate ever-changing workloads and/or work schedules. We appreciate your cooperation in sticking to specified day and time. We promise to faithfully show up on time every time!

Of course, this policy does not apply to family or work-related emergencies. In unforeseen emergency situations, it is acceptable to cancel or postpone your cleaning appointment to a later date and time.

Please contact the Office Manager/Owner directly via a phone call at (281) 864-0924 or email to make rescheduling